01. Social media marketing

02. Content marketing

03. Search marketing SEO

  1. 01. Social media marketing

    SMM isn’t something you do – its the way your brand thinks and acts. As a social media agent, I help you connect people with your brand on a personal, authentic and emotional level. My social media campaigns build an audience, engage your tribe and convert to action. I get you results and I prove it.

  2. 02. Content marketing

    Content marketing is about driving relevant traffic to your site in order to generate fresh, warm leads. My content marketing campaigns use a mix of social marketing plus content marketing and content curation to drive this traffic, with consideration for SEO & SEM. I develop your marketing strategy, create and post easily consumable content and help you manage your new leads.

  3. 03. Search marketing SEO

    An integrated search marketing strategy, combining search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM), is the fastest way to be found online. Social media marketing and content marketing are crucial parts of search marketing and vice-versa. I build search marketing into your social marketing and manage your SEO and PPC campaigns.

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