It is said, that person can be happy only by doing what really likes. But what if the work you like, brings you profit? It happened, that my hobby by web design became my job. From day to day, for about seven years, I do what I really like.

I build websites.

As I worked for Design Studio for a while, I understood one thing — never and nowhere will you be given the chance to express and create what you are really able to. Your every project will be supervised by people, who already know how websites should look in the end. It will be impossible to implement your ideas and intentions in real life. This fact was unbearable for me. I wished every project to have its unique style, carried something new, unknown before. Once opened it in his browser, the person would want to remain there.

Website should not become another method to gain profit; it should contain a part of the soul.

At the moment, I work as a freelancer. That means I work as self-employed independently from any companies. What is the advantage of this? For me, as for creator, it gives the freedom of action — to choose customers, the place and time for working, as well as the unlimited expression of fantasy and mind. All above should not go against the PRD, which does not always exist in the first place. Regarding my customers it gives them the opportunity to contact me directly, with no mediators in the person of Design Studios, that often overprice the websites, then hire the freelancers to execute the work, as the Studio makes the profit from the customers.

May be some day I would like to organise my own Web Studio, which will hold other atmosphere — an inspiring one. Everybody there would feel a little bin differently – the designers coming to work and the customers telling about their grand projects. But it would not happen soon. Now, everything in my life is aimed to one thing – feel Emotions.

Feelings. Everything is about feelings in our life. The basis of the Universe is the ability to feel. I try to transmit my vision of the world and of my work. Nothing happens just like that. What is made “today” can have some unexpected consequences for “tomorrow”.

In my imagination the world is far brighter. And I aspire to make the reality better than the dreams.

I am always open to new projects, to interesting and long-term collaborations. If you share my worldview and want to collaborate with, to share your experience or just discuss smth – always welcome!

Sincerely yours, Tal Seigner.

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